For the fourth season of Vikings I was asked to revisit my original piece and see if there was anything I'd change to reflect the tectonic shifts and dynamics of the show.
I decided perhaps it was time to go bigger, badder and bolder. More fire please.
The Vikings Redux title sequence keeps the heart of the original piece; the lonely crossing between life and death at sea, and weaves it with a virulent fiery expansion across the land. Sinking from light into darkness we visit the frigid waters at the heart of all Vikings, memories of loved ones left at home, gods and myths, and the fruits of war. The crescendoing spread of fiery destruction, flickers of extreme violence and ghostly nods to key characters acts as a counterpoint inspired by the unflinching spirit of a people that descended like storms from the North. The fire grows to an uncontrollable blaze reflecting their expanding reach and their flirtation with self destruction.
The sequence taps into the haunting, ancient, fearsome and supernatural place in all of us, easing the viewer between the gap of our modern experience and into the cold, violent and spiritual world of the Vikings.
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