"Orbital" Citibank / JFK Installation

"Orbital" is like a flying dream set in 3 cities. It places viewers at the center of cosmopolitan locations, slowly and delicately rotating across 40 HD screens in the American Airlines International Terminal. The piece was designed to work in relationship with the viewer's movement through a long hallway, filling their field of view with vast time lapsed urban panoramas moving through space to create the illusion of hovering at a dreamlike speed through a rotating cityscape. The audio was carefully crafted, inspired by the likes of Steve Reich, to create a forward momentum and almost hypnotic pulsing effect while incorporating subtle washes of urban soundscapes.

The pieces were shot with a motion control time lapse rig in New York, Paris and Barcelona, creating enormous sequences of photography that were then stitched and choreographed together at the Mill.

roles: director, creative director
Director: Rama Allen, Ryan McKenna
Executive Producer: Adam Isidore
Producer: Emily Branham/Amy Selwocki
Line Producers: Rich Schwab (NYC), Helmut Hutter (Paris), Lyndsay Fields (Barcelona)
Camera + Time Lapse Whiz: Tyler Ginter
Sound Design: Henryboy
Music: Fall On Your Sword

Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill NYC
VFX Producer: Emily Branham
2D Lead Artists: Keith Sullivan, Rodrigo de la Parra
Colourist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
Art Director: Bowe KingĀ 
Designer/Animator/Editor: Audrey Davis, Jason Salo, Justin DemetricianĀ 
Design Intern: Jordan Taylor

Agency: Publicis NY
Producer: Jeri Slater
Creative Director: Tom Drymalski/Perry Essig
Creatives: Art Director: Julian Newman; Copywriter: Dennis Greeley
Account Director: Simon Ludowyke/Tanya Jindani
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