This was a co-branded campaign for Levi's and the Logo Network that connected 8 broadcast pieces with extended web based narratives, an online portal and on-air graphics package, all created while at Digital Kitchen. The stories are told by real people dropping their inhibitions, and their pants. A few of my favorites are included here.

Scroll down for my AICP interview video and more background info.
roles: creative director, live action director, designer

A piece giving some backstory, captured in a phone interview and cut together with footage and outtakes from the campaign.
Creative Director: Rama Allen
Live Action Director: Rama Allen
Executive Producer: Abbe Daniel
Editor: Shawn Fedorchuk
DP: Martin Ahlgren
Designers: Ben Grube, Kenji Yamashita, Rob Roth
Agency: Logo Network
Client: Levi's

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