This experience transports fans of Jack Daniel’s to sensory rich locations on the hallowed grounds of the distillery, giving viewers the chance to see the blazing inferno being of the rick yard, the rolling hills of Lynchburg and the top of the famous barrel house.

The visual style of ‘mixed time’ was developed for the content where moments slow down and time seems to stand still. The highly stylized, cinematic visuals combine with ambient surround sound. This style of film borrows from the visual language of cinemagraphs, allowing viewers to linger in moments of mixed time. Combining real-time and frozen elements in one shot, the mixed time film technique was developed by The Mill specifically for the Jack Daniels VR Experience.

"Placing the viewer at the center of a dreamlike transportive film, we introduced a new language to VR in this experience; Mixed Time," said The Mill Executive Creative Director Rama Allen. “The use of an entirely new cinematic approach both provides a heightened sensory experience for the viewer, and mirrors the quality and craft that are both synonymous with Jack Daniels whiskey.”

Watch the the experience on Youtube360 or experience it for yourself on the Gear VR headset at selected Jack Daniel’s event activations this summer including Lollapalooza, Life is Beautiful, Chicago Open Air and numerous other venues world-wide.

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