Puzzling out extradimensional space.

Winter | 2021

1 + 2 = BLUE


The neuroscience of color.

On March 13th, 2016 I took the SXSW stage with Neuroscientist Dr. Bevil Conway and Colorist Mikey Rossiter to investigate the power of color in cinema. Specifically - how it affects our perception, cognition and emotions. The presentation covered the art, neuroscience and history of color supported by several live experiments. A study we conducted in partnership with MIT involved a subject in an fMRI machine receiving various color stimuli as we mapped her brain and it's responses. Our findings were revealed and we learned much about the power of color and how it activates previously unreported locales within the brain.

The talk was capped off by the premiere of a biometric driven "motion sculpture" called the Mood Bling that created undulating blooms of structured color based on body temperature, galvanic skin response and EEG readings of brain waves.

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