Puzzling out extradimensional space.

Winter | 2021

Invention is more than an outcome.
It is a way of thinking & making.
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Future of Experience | Podcast

A wide ranging conversation covering my thoughts about culture, technology, quarantine, and the near future of Experiential Design.

Don’t Chase. Attract. | Muse

Thoughts about creating real value in marketing campaigns, experiential design, and provocations to put audience first.

AI & Transformative Art | Quartz

Investigating the relationship between art making and technology, and prototyping true artistic collaboration between humans and machines.

Phantom Memory | Campaign

My theory about how we write episodic memory from XR experiences to shift from “I saw that” to “I did that”. Some fun about proprioception comes along for the ride.

Data as 6th Sense

Forthcoming in Q4. I believe the wide adoption of sophisticated XR will introduce a new sensory platform for translating the world around us. Also, who owns the spatial web?