Contemplating laser beams.

Winter | 2020

TALKS | H1 2020

All talks are ~1hr. They are updated regularly and are customizable based on ask, theme, and audience. Bespoke topics are available upon request.

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The Outer Dark

  • Principles of Futurism
  • Overview of Geometry for Innovation Design
  • Augmented Artist Definition & Methods
  • Breakdowns of My Work & Methods In Action

The Hunter & The Alchemist

  • My Theory on Creative Process Across Two Archetypes
  • Proofs In Action Through My Work

Manufactured Hallucinations

  • State of The Union on XR
  • Deeper Meanings for Culture, Art, Marketing, Society
  • XR as Humanity’s 6th Sense : Data
  • Conceptual Framework for Meaningful Ideation
  • Predictions for Near Future

Pattern Recognition

  • Regularly Updated Tour Through Emerging Technologies
  • Meaningful Applications of Technology
  • Predictive Theories for Tomorrow