Puzzling out extradimensional space.

Winter | 2021

Unconventional ideas require unconventional thinking.
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TALKS | H1 2020

All talks are ~1hr. They are updated regularly and are customizable based on ask, theme, and audience. Bespoke topics are available upon request.

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The Outer Dark

  • Principles of Futurism
  • Overview of Geometry for Innovation Design
  • Augmented Artist Definition & Methods
  • Breakdowns of My Work & Methods In Action

The Hunter & The Alchemist

  • My Theory on Creative Process Across Two Archetypes
  • Proofs In Action Through My Work

Manufactured Hallucinations

  • State of The Union on XR
  • Deeper Meanings for Culture, Art, Marketing, Society
  • XR as Humanity’s 6th Sense : Data
  • Conceptual Framework for Meaningful Ideation
  • Predictions for Near Future

Pattern Recognition

  • Regularly Updated Tour Through Emerging Technologies
  • Meaningful Applications of Technology
  • Predictive Theories for Tomorrow


In this 90-minute interactive workshop, Rama Allen teaches audiences his method of critically and strategically evaluating technologically enabled concepts.

This system of inquiry builds upon and updates Marshall McLuhan’s Tetrad for the 21st century. Put simply, this method reveal insights and truths to pressure test creative ideas. It pushes us harder to create meaningful experiences and products at the edge of technology, blending tenets of futurism, strategic creative ideation, and media theory.

At the end of the workshop, which includes a hands-on group exercise, participants will walk away with a rigorous framework to understand the relevance, failings, and potential value of an idea.

This workshop is designed for small groups (>15) of mid- to senior-level creatives working at agencies, consultancies, and brands.